UB Student Team Won Award at the 2022 IICYMS International Competition

20 June 2022
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A collaboration of students team from the Faculty of Engineering (FT), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (F-MIPA), and the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won the Silver Medal in the field of Mechanical And Electrical Engineering at the 2022 International Invention Competition for Young Moslem Scientist. (IICYMS 2022) which will be held on May 29 – June 14, 2022. Organized by the Indonesian Young Scientists Association (IYSA) in collaboration with Gunung Jati State Islamic University (UIN) Bandung, IICYMS 2022 was attended by 114 participants from 9 countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, India, Iran, Turkey, Macedonia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates , and Indonesia.

The UB team consists of Fitri Ayu Asyari (FT), Narista Rahma Fadila (FT), Adelia Raihana Nabilah Firdausi (F-MIPA), Noor Adi Sukma (FEB), Gilang Hans Arthana (FEB) with supervisor Astuteryanti Tri Lustyana, ST. , MT. In the final round they presented the work “The Concept of Future Vehicle with The Use of Lithium Metals from Lapindo Sidoarjo”. “We present a vehicle concept design that is more environmentally friendly. The LIDO electric motor or the abbreviation of the Lapindo mud electric motor,” said team member Fitri Ayu.

The student from the Department of Industrial Engineering added that the LIDO electric motor is a motor that utilizes a battery from Lapindo Mud Rare Earth Metal (LTJ), namely lithium which is needed for the development of an electric motor and a Bruslesh Direct Current (BLDC) dynamo to transmit electrical energy to the battery as a substitute for fuel. “By utilizing LTJ as a battery, of course, it will be able to help utilize the Lapindo mud which was only moved to become more useful. Where after being studied there is a high content of LTJ in the form of lithium,” added the student from Jombang. Then the LIDO electric motor also uses a BLDC dynamo to help supply energy needs when the engine is running. In the future, electric vehicles will lead to the concept of vehicles that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. “During this competition, we are very excited because this is our first international competition,” said Fitri’s related to the experience of competing. Fitri admitted that the team also saw many cool ideas from other participants, but that did not discourage them because they had prepared the best ideas from the team. “During the presentation, we also received feedback and insight from the judges regarding ideas related to future development. Overall we are very happy because we managed to get a silver medal and get an unforgettable experience,“ she concluded.