Welcome to IICYMS


After register

1. Minsa, when will we get our LoA and invoice? Where ws it sent?

The committee will send LoA and Invoice no later than 14 working days after you register. We will send the LoA and Invoice to the team leaders email, so make sure you include a valid and correct email address!
Try checking the spam folder in your team leaders email, maybe the email from the IYSA team will go to the spam folder
Upload the files requested by the committee to the Google Drive link that we have included in your LoA, make sure you read the LoA carefully, OK!
Come on, have you read LoA to the end yet? Because we will send the invoice with your teams LoA, make sure you have read the email from us to the end! For payment, you can transfer to the account listed on the invoice. Make sure you pay according to the nominal stated on the invoice, okay!
If you have made a payment, you can upload the proof to the link listed on the invoice, and make sure you fill in and upload the proof of transfer correctly so that the committee can record it correctly as well.
We will send the payment receipt a maximum of 7 working days to the team leader's email, after you upload proof of payment!
We will send the online participant presentation schedule no later than 2 days before the judging takes place to the whatsapp group and also the team leader's email. Make sure you diligently check the information we provide in whatsapp groups and also email!

During the Event

1. When will the presentation schedule be given by the committee?

We will give the presentation schedule no later than 2 days before the judging takes place or it could be faster, and we send it via WA group and also the team leader's e-mail.
For online judging, we always use the Zoom application, friends, and make sure your Zoom application is the latest.
We will provide a Zoom link on the day of judging, and we will send it periodically in the group according to your team's presentation hours
Friends can enter Zoom with a maximum of 5 accounts for participants, and all Zoom accounts must follow the name format we have given, namely "Number ruangan_Nama Chairman of Tim_Nama Institution"
Friends will be given 15 minutes for 1 presentation session which will be divided into 2, namely the initial 7 minutes for the presentation and the final 8 minutes for the question and answer session with the judges
Just like online judging, there will be 2 judges judging each team. And after finishing the judges you will be given stickers as a sign that your booth has been judged, make sure you get 2 stickers
You can start tidying up the booth when all the teams have finished judging, so if you have finished judging you can visit other participants' booths first

After the Event

1. When will the winners be announced?

Announcement of winners is held on the last day of each event, you can check the date on the schedule listed in the Guide Book.
You can check the final results on the official website of the event you are participating in
IYSA DOES NOT send E-Certificates to National participants or Indonesian Participants who take part in online events. Online National Participants will only receive a certificate in printed/hard form which will later be sent along with the medals via the JNE expedition.
The certificate will be sent no later than one month after the announcement of the winner. You can periodically check the delivery receipt that we sent on the Whatsapp group whether your certificate has been sent or not.
You can see and download the supervisor certificate on the official website of the event you are participating in.
For offline participants, you can immediately duplicate the medals on the spot after the announcement of the winners takes place. And for online participants, you can duplicate the medals via the link we sent on the Whatsapp group, we will send duplicate information on the Whatsapp group no later than 2 days after the announcement of the winner.